Monday, October 1, 2007

Makings of a great team

As I have already mentioned, my posts could be and are far and distant due to reasons best left unasked :-). Well coming to the point; I am an avid movie goer. And whenever I watch – I watch intense. I try to find any instance/s or situation that I can relate to and implement. If I find one such, I take a cue from these and improvise them to suit my requirement.

One fine evening I went to a Hindi movie “Chak De India” – a movie focusing on Women’s Hockey (Indian National Game). The movie highlights the TEAM – Together Each Achieves More – concept. The movie could have covered a lot of other areas as the story had a great scope. Anyway, that’s my personal opinion.

While watching the movie, a thought has captured my attention and that is what I am trying to share with you here. “Any team is born but all great teams are definitely made.”

What I mean by this?

A gathering of the required number of players could be counted as a team. But a team that can withstand any situation and deliver the goods at any cost can only be made, nurtured, guided by a dedicated coach or a captain who understands the nuances and the finer points of the game to the core. Along with this he should have a sensible approach towards man management and treat individual players as they like them to be treated.
To be continued.....