Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Customer satisfaction – the key to a company’s success

I never really wanted to do this. But as it turns out that I haven’t had a post for this month till now I am forced to write this. It’s never really my cup of tea to write on software applications and their benefits and blah… blah…blah on them.

The other day I had a discussion with one of my friends that ended with Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The discussion started with Personnel Relationships and branched into CRM (my friend is into Software stuff). He was all technical with his points, which by default went over my head. It took some time for him to understand that I was barely listening to him. Though he was a little cross he pegged back his ire and asked why I have a cold shoulder for technical stuff. I gave him this answer.

I went to Hyderabad to attend a conference. The conference was spread over three days. I was booked into a hotel for the days I need to stay there till the conference gets over.

I am a man of apprehension. It takes some time for me to get comfortable with new surroundings. So, I was hoping to finish the trip at the earliest and reach back home.

But by the end of my stay in this hotel, I was a little reluctant to vacate the hotel, much to my surprise. The enthusiasm of the employees for service and the service itself caught my imagination. The last thought I had at the time of leaving was, “When will I get a chance to stay in this hotel again to enjoy their hospitality?”

I guess a lot of people would have come across such a situation. The gentle alarm call, warm greetings along with the breakfast, a precise time sense, custom culinary skills, an overwhelming hospitality and a natural gift of keeping the customer thoroughly satisfied – all these made me believe that this is the best place on earth to stay. The first impression was made and strong it was.

This is what outstanding customer service can do to anybody. Though there are a hundred and twenty other hotels surrounding the area, I’d still prefer to come and stay in this hotel alone, if ever I get another chance. Additionally, this experience made me recommend to a lot of my friends to book their accommodation in this hotel whenever they visit Hyderabad. I guess a lot of visitors would’ve come to this hotel the same way – through recommendations by people like me. Who wouldn’t love to be pampered – being served with all requirements to your convenience?

This hotel naturally attracts a lot of visitors and in all probability they retain them with their hospitality. People like me bring added business to them. What more would a hotel need to be a market leader? This is exactly what a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can do to any company in any industry. Is this what you are trying to tell me?

I made my point and he also believed that he made his.