Saturday, May 30, 2009

Are These Dasavataras Or Human Evolution?

I was always intrigued at the dasavataras of Lord Vishnu in my childhood. Each story, explaining the reason behind the avatars is inspiring. Though I don’t share the same excitement as I used to, I will read it anyway just to keep my memory fresh if ever I get access to this topic.

Recently, while I was browsing through various topics on wikipedia, I came across this “dasavatara” page. I read through the page and started to skim through the other links (for each individual story). In this process of reading through a sudden thought struck me. All the avatars have shown a logical transition of evolution right from the first through to the last (am not really sure of 9th and 10th).

The List

  1. Matsya
  2. Kurma
  3. Varaha
  4. Narasimha
  5. Vamana
  6. Parashurama
  7. Rama
  8. Krishna
  9. Buddha
  10. Kalki

The first avatar shows a simple life form of Matsya, the fish. No complications, no attitudes-basically a very simple form. It followed with Kurma, the tortoise. From here on we can see the process of evolution, “From a simple water living creature to an amphibian”. But the attitude remains the same-docile.

Then came the avatar of Varaha, the boar. The amphibian slowly giving way to a terrestrial creature and the attitude starts turning aggressive. From here on it became very interesting for me. The psychological evolution is highly stimulating when related to the evolution of mankind.