Wednesday, September 24, 2008

RARE View Mirrors?

Is it a misconception or an accidental similarity with the word “rear” that a predominant section of vehicle riders do not understand the significance of a rear view mirror of an automobile and has merely become a “rare” view mirror?

In general, it is mandatory for any rider to be able to gauge the traffic behind him so that he can veer the vehicle this way or that without causing much trouble to other vehicles. But today, it has become mandatory to remove the rear view mirrors of two wheelers in order to take the vehicle from under gated railway lines. And the four wheelers open them only on highways to protect from breaking them in the heavy city traffics.

All in all these mirrors have become appendages more than useful utilities for safer travel. We see more often than not, youngsters using these mirrors (the remaining lot) for their cosmetic purposes. God knows when people realize their traffic sense!!!

Moreover, it has become a common practice for riders to turn their heads for a signal rather than using blinkers or hand signals. This led to at least eight accidents for which I stand witness, and three of them fatal. I am talking about only a single man’s experience here. Who knows the real number of accidents actually occurring just because of this one reason – lack of traffic sense?

The licensing authority (Road Transport Authority) should carefully look into this aspect if they want to control the atrocious driving habits of the so-called citizens. Here, in a few places, we only need to drive in a designed “EIGHT” road to pass the test. And I personally know a few guys who clear this even without driving. The cities definitely have a better track to clear, but is this sufficient to understand the driver’s driving ability in traffic? I seriously doubt this.

Why can’t we take a leaf out of the US licensing authorities where every applicant for license goes through stringent driving rigors to pass the test?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rock on Farhan

My recent movie watch “Rock On” was as it had to be as tagged with Farhan Akhtar; creative and unique.

His talent was there for everyone to see right from his directorial debut movie “Dil Chahta Hai”. As a son to a celebrity in the industry, he might have had the advantage of easier transition into filmdom. But when assessed, he needs to stand on his own to survive, which he did with flair. His remarkable achievement with “DCH” was to set a standard in movie making. The treatment was unique and the story, a perfect mix for the cultured and the present generation viewer.

He followed it with “Lakshya”. I don’t remember any movie, which romanticizes Army graduation, practices and operations to such extent. Even this movie tries to direct the youth of this generation to live the dreams and achieve them with conviction.

The last one under his directorial belt was “Don”, retold in his own way as a tribute to the yesteryear blockbuster. This movie shows the canny side of Farhan, where he was able to give a whole new treatment to the original movie, showcasing the growing intellectual capacities of the present day generation. Its as though to say that, “when somebody calls himself don, he must be, in all spheres”.

When we thought that we know him as a director with conviction sticking to his guns, he shows a whole new dimension in his repertoire – his acting and singing skills. Honestly, I was caught off-guard while watching this movie “Rock On”. For me, Farhan’s effort was a revelation as an actor and the lead singer of “Magik”, the Rock Band in the movie.
I wont be surprised if he gets a filmfare nomination for this movie either in the Best Actor or Best Actor in a Supporting Role category. And he might, in all probability, walk away with the Best debutant award. On the lighter side, he could even figure in the best singer’s nomination.

He truly represents the present generation in all his films and it would augur well for the youth to take a cue from his convictions. What’s in store from this talented personality in the future, we need to wait and see than trying to predict as it seems “Farhan ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin… naamumkin hain”.