Friday, January 15, 2010

Ah! My dream company.

Another paradoxical thought that got my juices going is the run by a lot of people for a job in dream companies. Yes, its true that ones saleability and marketability increases including the pay packets with the addition of big dream companies such as Microsoft, Google and so on, in their profiles. But is this the only motive behind joining these companies (I guess not) is what made me think.

Equally interesting is the fact that a lot of people (though from premier institutes, I guess) are seeking opportunities with smaller companies. So, why is this disparity in thought between job seekers? Hmmm... let me take a shot at it in my own typical way.

I know for sure that there are cricket players who prefer to play for smaller teams in terms of strength and talent in league tournaments. The reason for that is the amount of responsibility that they have to assume and deliver. There is a better opportunity for these players to perform and earn a name in the big league. This is an opportunity to carry a weaker team through against tough opponents. Winning performances under these circumstances carry a far greater personal satisfaction than one can imagine. And also, they’ll be exposed to understand the struggles of the lesser mortals, which prepares them to become a better leader. But, if a new player is a part of a solid, fully settled winning team, the chances he may get could be rare and far in between.

Similarly, in big companies, though there will be scope to improve, but overall the internal processes will be already well settled. There is not much that a new employee would be required to deliver that is an inch out of their scope. Yes, you may be thinking that this is how companies and nature of work should be. Fine. But I would beg to differ in the sense of personal growth and satisfaction.

There is something called the bigger picture which is vital in everybody’s both personal and professional growth. Playing an active role in or getting exposed to all functional aspects of a particular project gives a fairer idea on ones contribution in the project. The most important point for me is the identification of the various elements that completes a project from ground up that makes you grow faster to see and understand the bigger picture better. This exposure not only improves planning in the context of the project but also fast forwards ones professional growth as a leader. One would experience a change in perception related to personal things as well with this sort of growth.

One can and would, I believe, get an opportunity for this sort of exposure and understanding in smaller companies. Its the skill to look at the bigger picture that matters most to become a better employee and more importantly a better person and a better leader.