Saturday, April 11, 2009

Freudian experience explained, though partly

Today, I saw the actress, Sriya Saran. I was so attracted to her eyes that I started following her. She was getting on board, the same flight as I was, and I was just behind her – almost a touching distance. We were almost at the entrance. I was thrilled at the opportunity of starting a conversation with her and seize the moment to request her to sit next to me. At the same time I heard someone calling me. There were two distinct voices and I instantly recognized both of them. In the fascination of getting a closer look at the enticing eyes I almost forgot that I was with my parents.

The thought of the presence of my parents with whom I should travel made me stop at the doorway of the flight and turn around, though only for a fraction of time. In the next instant she was gone. When I peeped inside to see where she was, I saw that she was already paired with the actor Tarun. They were sitting together side by side and they’d already started a conversation on something. My thoughts were like, “I guess these guys won’t leave them even in real life.”

So, I reluctantly turned round and traced my steps back to my parents to get on board the flight together. Even this time, I was behind them by the time we were about to enter the flight. Once again I heard someone calling me. This time I wasn’t sure of the voice. I’ve never heard that voice before. I turned around to see some officer asking me to stop where I was – destined to be the same spot where I stopped trying to follow the actress.

He said that I cannot board the flight. I was like, “Why and what makes you think that I cannot board?” He told me that I cannot as my Passport has expired. I was perplexed. I thought this man must be crazy. I couldn’t figure out what he was talking. With an air of confidence I waved him away saying, “You must be mistaken. How could I ever reach up to this point of boarding if my passport has expired?” His expression made me unusually uncomfortable. He coolly darted back, “Buddy, during the interim time between check in and entering the flight your passport has expired and our rules don’t allow anyone to get on board this flight without a valid and LIVE passport.” This just put me off. I was sure that this guy must be out of his mind to say something like this. To confirm my eligibility I took out my passport and opened the pages for him to get a clear view of the expiry date and I got a rude shock of my life. It sure was expired.

I was at a loss of words. The officer maintaining the same coolness repeated, “I cannot allow you to enter the flight till you present to us a LIVE passport.” I did not have any other choice. So, I ushered my parents into the flight saying that I’ll join them later and turned back homeward bound at which moment I got up from my dreaming slumber.

The fact that explains the second part of this dream was I’ve applied for a Passport renewal some time back and I am awaiting its dispatch. So, till I get the passport I cannot accompany my parents who are scheduled to leave for the US in a few days from now. I know this pretty much sums up the above description from the third paragraph onwards. But I still need to figure out what the first two paragraphs mean in my dream. Are there any Freuds or people practicing his ways that can solve the puzzle for me? They are most welcome.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Rising patriotism – leading India

I was so pleasantly surprised today that it filled me with a great anticipation for the future of my country, India.

I went to watch a movie in a theatre. There was this short feature on the Indian army specifically placed in the glacier filled areas near the country borders. It lasted a little over four minutes, the time to sing our National Anthem and the background score was the Anthem itself. The Anthem was played solely on instruments to suit the snow-filled visuals.

Now, the best part is, the whole crowd stood up in respect of the Anthem from its first till last note. Honestly, I’ve not expected this sort of reception to our Anthem in a theatre. I could see everyone standing in unison without even a single exception, an overwhelmingly welcome attitude towards the country. With elections round the corner both at the center and state level, this patriotism should induce one and all to put their right to vote to its rightful use.

The current campaigns of various organizations across the country to motivate Indian citizens to utilize their right to vote are also worth a special mention. Personally, I’ve never seen such a unanimous momentum among the country citizens to actively involve themselves in politics. The patriotic fervor shown in the theatre, if taken to be true across the country, along with the intense intention of realizing a corrupt-free working Government in the country hints at a fantastic future outlined for the country. I hope the fire ignited within each soul to ensure brighter days for the future wouldn’t fizzle out... JAI HIND!!!